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Extremely gassy (burp/fart) inflatable shark loving session

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Just a warning here for you to NOT click this if you're not into farts/burps!

Debated putting this one up here, but it's a pretty nice performing video on other places ;)...So why not. I was asked a while back to record a riding session while I was super gassy and I intended to deliver--this is the product~‚Ā£ūüíĖ

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Urgent_2404 2 months ago

Whats your weight?

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C0ckusBl0ckmus 3 months ago

Very nice, but I'd love if youd fart right onto that shark's face :3

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SharkB8 3 months ago

I wanted to that day but I had to do it like this otherwise I would've started uncontrollably sharting all over him ;>

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