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Playing with an air mattress in tight speedos (riding + licking)

295 Views· 24/01/23
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So you tried again to bring out your mattresses to the pool? Too bad that this swimmer is also the lifeguard who takes them away to bring them to his room (for security reasons obviously). Being alone, he starts to enjoy your floats more and more ... ;)

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popabball 3 days ago

Oh you hit this one out of the park for me! Total fantasy, speedos and favorites! Albeit you're not wearing a Speedo...looks like underwear? Plus being able to collect some, play with hot! Maybe you will even "find" a forgotten Speedo in the locker room, take it home, rub it on an overinflated stretchy matt, filling with hot cum!

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mrinvisible9898 1 day ago

It's a trunk bathing short, which is referred to as a speedo aswell where I bought it (Puma) ;) But thanks for the comment though!

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popingamat 4 days ago

wow more i love air mats

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ramnud 5 days ago

Great story. Got me going.

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Seasideboy18 5 days ago

That’s so hot I would leave my air mat by the pool all the time

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mrinvisible9898 5 days ago

You better watch out for swimmers in tight speedos then! ;)

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metroa 5 days ago


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