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Cerisey pop tease

1,433 Views 20/10/22
Deflatable Dragon
Deflatable Dragon
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This balloon dragon is adorable.
It would be very cruel pop.
I don't think anyone has popped one yet.
Or.. have they? 馃槗

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jiya 10 months ago

I guess not popping Cerisey forever or a long time is ok.

Too beautiful to pop/poke her in destructive way.

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DatDragonGuy 10 months ago

Ok now I鈥檓 kind of craving it. Please got our little Ceri eat friend a little bit of an overinflate then ride it then at the end poke it and slowly deflate the dragon

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Raft87 11 months ago

Please Cut and cum on it popping please

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DatDragonGuy 11 months ago

I agree with the second but I don鈥檛 want to see a cerisey get destroyed this early

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Amigo 11 months ago

Yesss it will be great.

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Bleh 11 months ago

I would loveto see u doing that while riding her belly and she going hisshyyy~

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