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Intex Plane Ride & Deflation

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Hello there
Sorry for being quiet for so long.. My computer died and since it was pretty old there was no sense to repair it so I had to work extra time to get a new one. And a few weeks after I got it and was about to start editing and uploading some videos a fkn war started (as some of you already know, I'm from Ukraine). For now I'm relatively safe and hopefully will upload something from time to time

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Stiefelreiter 5 months ago

Cute outfit, and you seem to enjoy your flight! ;)

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Lock 1 year ago

glad to see you back :)

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Whale Rider
Whale Rider 1 year ago

stay safe...

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Mitch0782 1 year ago

Nice to see your videos again, Im sorry to hear about all that happened, hope you're doing okay

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Gcdm 1 year ago

Well. Shit. That’s a good reason as any to have a hiatus. Hope you can stay safe! Your safety is way more important than hot videos.

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Weeb 1 year ago

They help to keep my mind occupied with something positive, though

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