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Q24 Bath Test

258 Views· 06/01/21
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⁣Apologies for the video quality. The bath tub is smol and I am lorge. There also isn't many places to mount my phone to capture video so this was the best I could do. I'm also testing recording with my phone at 1080p@60fps open camera with the MPEG4 H264 codecs. Regardless, please enjoy! I'd appreciate any feedback on how to make future videos better or suggestions for what to do next. :D

So I got super lucky and found a local shop near me that had a decent stock of Qualatex Q24s in good condition, I just wanted to verify. As you can see, I'd say they were in pretty good condition! :3c

If you haven't tried enjoying a big balloon filled with hot water, I recommend that you do try it sometime. Its a really great experience. Just know that water tends to make latex balloons kinda tacky as it dries and it'll stick to itself. Its not a big deal as long as you take care to pull it apart before using it again. I also tend to keep it seperate from the rest of the balloons I have stored.

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