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rought bounceing on a partly popped snep

1,784 Views· 18/08/21
Chad Lion
Chad Lion
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just checking for leaks mid way thought popping all the parts of the snep. and giveing it a little testing bounces ;3

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Viki 2 years ago

Where can I order the inflatable snep?

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popabball 2 years ago

Wow...that flate can take some tough abuse! Being a popper, I would have to let that one live for quite some it and have lots of fun! Would you want to sell it before it's totally destroyed?

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Chad Lion
Chad Lion 2 years ago

I'm not sure yet. I'll probably ware it out completely.

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Raft87 2 years ago

Please full inflate and cut into pices please love your vids. Please ?

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Chad Lion
Chad Lion 2 years ago

I will probably shred this cute toy when I'm done. But I'm going to ware it down, and keep popping it until its totally worn out and can't stand. Only then will it be time to cut.

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