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Wolf at the Pool

2,734 Views· 21/08/21
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One of my older videos I lost with the xtube purge.
I still had the original footage, so I made a new cut out of the material. I hope you like it. :)

The location was an abandoned former youth hostel in the middle of nowhere, a very rural and silent place. Originally, we planned to make few videos there, but unfortunately it was demolished and turned back into nature a few weeks later.

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Whale Rider
Whale Rider 1 year ago

Incredibly good and cute...extremely well done. Mach weiter so :-)

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SqueakyPup 2 years ago

still one of the best yiffing vids ever, the sounds add to them enjoyment, the creaks and groans as you had your way with him, yum.

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puqimaq 2 years ago

Ibremember someone yiffing the pp anthro vixen in xtube before it get purged, are it was you or not?

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xxxbambi 2 years ago

I did it and had a video ob xtube. Maybe I'll restore it, too.

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puqimaq 2 years ago

@xxxbambi: There are 2 videos isnt it

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Thorsten Inflalover
Thorsten Inflalover 2 years ago

Finally this video is back again! I have only a heavily edited version from xhamster (??) where the climax of the video was shared. Thanks for making it available again!

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