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Riding Teasing and Popping

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...sometimes I wonder who I am teasing more.

Anyways, message me for ideas.

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LeakyDolphin 2 years ago

That inflatable looks really nice. O.O

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Zentron99 2 years ago

These chickens looks so soft... would love to ride one to pop :3

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Jordan The Rider
Jordan The Rider 2 years ago

do you sell your popped inflatables?

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DusktailGryphon 2 years ago

Not really? If you got telegram you can search for me, I'm pretty sure I won't be hard to find.

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2 years ago

is the rooster ever gonna be popped? seems to be a fair bit of demand for that lol

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Tony 2 years ago

Bounce pop the chicken, make a loud bang

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