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Skipper Love

541 Views· 29/05/21
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2 sessions, blow up, play and deflate... cum...
slowly action, snuggling and cuddling ^^

The first contact with this toy:

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gisbig 2 years ago

i love the deflation portion. That makes me so horny

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Thorsten Inflalover
Thorsten Inflalover 2 years ago

A beautiful exploration of teaching a young dragon how to dive… There is such an excellent mixture of different angles and movements :) I had to chuckle on the small accident when Skipper threw you off his back ^^ That was really sweet.
Apart that it's a wonderful pace. To see you teaching Skipper that he does not have to be afraid of the sea with you is heartmelting <3

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Project 25
Project 25 2 years ago

I love skipper and the times u have with him. Wish i could try one. So tapped out financially.

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