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Popping Link-o-loons (Ses 3, Vid 3)

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Quick update: Ads are now on. I'll check the poll regularly and the poll will be in every description. If the majority don't want ads, I'll disable them. For now though, ads are on.

I've just ordered balloons for my next recording week (yes, that includes Q16s and Q24s ;D), and I've come to realise that proper AWESOME balloons cost quite some money. Now, I obviously want to put aside money for this since oh man is it awesome, but I just wanted to know your opinion about ads on these videos to help me financially.

The ads will be banner and card ads only, no pre-roll, no mid-roll and if I can help it no post-roll ads. Even though they get most the money, they are annoying as hell. Please help me decide on putting ads on by voting on this StrawPoll: All money earned through ads will go to buying more balloons and better equipment, of course.

Also HUGE THANKS to all of you! Within not even a quarter of a year this channel has 50 subscribers and 3000+ views now (! Thank you so much, this really motivates me to keep going. I hope you keep enjoying the videos. Now back to your normal description:

Not a very long video, but here I pop some Link-o-loon balloons. They feel real nice. I love the feeling and how squishy they are. Not great at fighting back though. They pop pretty easily, sadly.

Hey, I'm Rick and I'm just another looner. Surprise.
I hope you'll enjoy my content, like I enjoyed creating it. If you've got anything nice to say, or have some constructive criticism, please leave it in the comments.

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