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Popping Millies puppys

1,017 Views· 13/07/22
Chad Lion
Chad Lion
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sadly Millie fogot to save thease puppys. so i got a pencil and went wild stabbing 2 of them. once they were flat i pulled the ear of the last one, and brought it down with a pencil. poor toys ~ how could Mille be so careless ?

want to see a diffrent angle ? or see the vids early ? or how about you want to see pictures of the damage ? you can! click the magical link below!

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ArchonErosVII 4 months ago

Are they gonna be repaired for more fun or is it the end of them?

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Yoshiking 5 months ago

A little to fast poke ;)

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Zeraora 5 months ago

Can you sell plz

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