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Demon Slayer Inflatable Burn Popping

814 Views· 03/08/21
Elaine Crazi
Elaine Crazi
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Hallo! I hope you are doing well today! Simple video of me in a fursuit as I turn on the matches to put holes onto this beautiful character. It was fun to do it while also ensuring that I didn't burn the suit with it being close proximity. Will try to repair it and use it once again to do more things.

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Thitiwat 2 years ago

Aaahh poor inflatable but nice vidio!!

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soldatBOMBE 2 years ago

your suite needs some claws XD

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Elaine Crazi
Elaine Crazi 2 years ago

I agree. Sadly this is used, so I have to get the paws with the claws separately. ?

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