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Popping the inflatable balloon dog

2,266 Views· 24/04/22
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Riding and popping my stretched inflatable balloon dog and turn it into konfetti and tiny scraps.

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ganjjma123 11 months ago

where can I buy this one!

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Andy 11 months ago

Geiler Schwanz in der Hose

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Looner Ballooner
Looner Ballooner 11 months ago

Wie hast du den Ballon Hund so geil gedehnt, ist ja gigantisch ?

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Eskir 11 months ago

Very nice pops, literal balloon dog! I myself haven't managed to shatter toys like that yet, maybe heatstretch is the secret...

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Arokh 11 months ago

Omg this war a big balloondog very nice vid

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