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Rex gets a Roo Blowjob (SPH)

1,723 Views· 19/07/21
Rex Raccoon
Rex Raccoon
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My modded kangaroo was just begging to get a mouthfull of cum and so I gave her what she wanted while in my fursuit! Multiple camera angles including a special one towards the end ;)

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misty4ever14 8 months ago

She is so so hot. No wonder you shot a huge load into her mouth.
Also, very creative internal angle. Excellent work.

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infl8doz 2 years ago

I'd love to slide my member deep into her throat. She looks hot as.

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Private0201 2 years ago

Huff! Hoping to see some balloon plays with your suit ❤️

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Inflatemydragon 2 years ago

love this!

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SqueakyPup 2 years ago

loved the addition of the internal camera, seeing all your cum shoot out was super huff

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