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PP Husky ride and cum

2,021 Views· 30/03/22
Rex Raccoon
Rex Raccoon
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Heres an older vid of me ⁣having some fun on my PuffyPaws
husky! Its been a while since Ive had him out and need to make more vids of him!

⁣⁣Come join my discord! One of the biggest and friendliest looner, inflatable, and plush discord servers around! ⁣

⁣If you would like to support me, I would really apreciate a tip or being sent toys! It helps with future content! DM for my info :)

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Myinflatablefetish 11 months ago

I also love doing that to my inflatable husky

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MightyRedWolf 12 months ago

i should try this with my puffypaws husky

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Whale Rider
Whale Rider 12 months ago

oh yes more husky good idea ^^

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ThisHuskysBalloons 12 months ago

I agree, you should make more videos with this boi :3

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12 months ago

Doing this with the iw skunk was fun . But man that husky must really enjoy that.

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Jonah Wagon
Jonah Wagon 12 months ago

Super hot dude!! Love it!

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