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Boat inflating and deflating

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⁣Inflating and deflating a small older Cuiser 2000 boat. New wetsuit included.

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rene11565 3 months ago

cum on it sperm marks need to be visable

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aGuy 3 months ago

Hey, nice video! :-)
But what kind of pants are these? ^^
They look very comfy!

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tillgi 3 months ago

This is a neoprene suit.

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pohli1 3 months ago

Very nice video. I like the boat was overinflated before. It's very bouny now. Hope you will overinflate it more and RIDE pop it in your very sexy wetsuit! Please don't pop it with the knife. Just ride it to hell. :-)

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Daloin 3 months ago

This is my favorite boat oat.!! Please don't destroy it... maybe some riding videos instead?

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millimat 3 months ago

i love your deflating shows, especially the teasing with the knife is a threat. And nice wetsuit, hope to see you popping more boats on the water in this suit.

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