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Doll Inflation Up Close

546 Views· 12/07/22
BBFT Non Pop
BBFT Non Pop
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I got a request for a up close video of me inflating my male doll

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BigTallMonty 1 year ago

We can hear you blow so much better this way ?

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GothamGuy 1 year ago

This is so hot, I'm at work and still thinking of that doll getting blown by you with your cheeks puffed up with each blow. Mmmm. Can you please do more like this?

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Inflafloat 1 year ago

Love your videos
Please inflate more waterwings

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Rick Schafer
Rick Schafer 1 year ago

Where can I find him or one with an inflated cock?

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floataether98 1 year ago

Love some mouth inflation close ups!

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