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Deer Makes Me Cum 3 Times

23 Feb 2021

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thatguy 6 months ago

How is this possible? Tell us your secrets oh wise one.

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Vinyl Forever
Vinyl Forever 1 month ago

The trick is to pull out right before you cum. Once you pull out, give it a moment to back off the edge and then go at it again. And repeat!

I had multiple orgasms with my shiny squeaky friends for more than an hour but at that point I was just exhausted. The final orgasm is just incredible!

Give it a try!

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SqueakyPup 6 months ago

thats when you know a squeak gives a good fuck when cum multiple times one after the other, huff

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ThomasLi 7 months ago

Please, sex with sph shark :3

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DiamondHusky1 7 months ago

So hot oh my must have felt amazing

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