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im back! hissy shark deflation <3

274 Views 26/03/23
max (non popper)
max (non popper)
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hi all, not sure if anyone will recognize me but i deleted my old account. i went through some personal struggles and had to delete a lot of social media. i wanted to come back because i enjoy posting and making these videos and i would like to make some friends. feel free to dm to chat about pool toys or loons but please dont flirt or be sexual i am married :]

anyways, enjoy this older video. i am in the process of moving and had to deflate my entire collection and wont be able to have squeaky fun for a few months 馃様 in the meantime ill try and inflate some toys whenever i can. best wishes

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Sydd B.
Sydd B. 2 months ago

That whale lucky as a mf.

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max (non popper)
max (non popper) 2 months ago


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XOR93 2 months ago

Yayy! Welcome back.

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Unicks 2 months ago

Appreciate your videos, thank you!

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