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Aaron Dragon: Playing, Puffing, Pumping & Popping?

2,091 Views· 16/05/22
Deflateable Dragon
Deflateable Dragon
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This is my favourite toy without a doubt. He's so adorable. The anticipation & restraint of popping him is ecstacy to me.

He is not for sale, and never will be.
Thank you for understanding.

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Noname_guy 9 months ago

can you pop him (and repair him ofc) and pop the zenith? also can you pop the zenith some more times and make riding video after repairing all of holes?

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Alpha Raptor
Alpha Raptor 9 months ago

love the raptor in the background please do some vids with your raptor maybe pop if you can :)

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Arokh 9 months ago

Plz not pop aaron

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Husky888 9 months ago

Aaron dragons are so adorable and such a awesome toy, please don’t pop the poor dragon, I know you will regret it, nice riding video but don’t hurt your dragon!

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Husky888 9 months ago

Plus I can see you really love yours, would be sad to see you ruin something you love.

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Azog 9 months ago

cute raptor :3

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