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Fox tease and flattening

539 Views· 14/11/22
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Another video with a certain cat, this time he rides my standing foxo while I threaten him with holes. Then I stick the screwdriver inside the valve for a nice ride down.

This fox is available for offers. I'm only accepting trade offers for it currently, so if you have a toy of similar value of the fox, DM me and we can possibly work out a deal for you to own this fella. Come save him from the screwdrivers!

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Pogger 5 days ago

Would be better if you'd ride and overinflate till it pops

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Mason 15 days ago

The shiny fox needs no saving, and the fluffy fox needs a stronger paw. :P

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Kroko 16 days ago

Is this Video just for fun or do you really decide to Pop the cute Fox?

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Raft87 18 days ago

3.500,- us Dollar ? I will buy it

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333ss 18 days ago

Almost certainly not for sale

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LeakyDolphin 18 days ago

My absolute dream toy. <3
Too bad I don't have that much to trade.

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