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330 lbs bouncing on a double balloon

323 Views· 24/02/23
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36" double balloon wall. Great bounce. More to come. How long can it hold me up?

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fersocks 14 days ago

You should also try inflatables and push them to the limit

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Joseph Loo Chestnut
Joseph Loo Chestnut 16 days ago

That is hot!

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Bballbear 17 days ago

Love your video! Can you do more? I also double stuff my loons, I'm 250 pounds!

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Eskir 18 days ago

I... I'm surprised I never thought to try this myself. It's not like this is the first time I've seen balloon stuffing like this either xD
I'm 280ish pounds myself, balloons usually don't put up that much of a fight unless it's on a soft surface and I'm going "easy"

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kingballoonpumper 23 days ago

double balloons are fun to ride, the stiffer tighter loons bounce different. I dust the inside of the outer balloon with baby powder before putting in the second balloon. It keeps them from sticking to each other and causing and accidental pop

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