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Riding Inflatable Seal | Bouncing Humping and Inflation

616 Views· 08/01/23
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Hi! Here you can see me riding this inflatable seal. I bought it on local marketplace in good price, so I wanted to show you. And there it is!

Tell me if you liked it! If you like more specific content with balloons/inflatables etc. feel free to ask me on telegram @uwufriend

You can donate me too! I will use these funds for buying new content for videos.


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Bballbear 17 days ago

Hot video! I have 4 of them! Great ride! I have to reinforce the neck seam, so it can hold my 250 pounds!!

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CosyTube 17 days ago

Wow nice

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Loneline 20 days ago

fuck the teddy bear

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CosyTube 20 days ago

I cen record exclusive because there is not category for plushies yet

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