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Pop Balloons and burning the popped ballons

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I love burning popped ballons - they burn really good. Anyone got any popped balloons left over for me so I can burn them? ;-)

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ballonpopper 1 year ago

Wo hast du die Ballons geplatzt? Der Widerhall ist ja mega.

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LoonerPopping 1 year ago

Would love to see the rest getting popped ?
I,ve got 2 bags of popped balloons but it would cost a lot to send them I think...

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fir3_rid3r 1 year ago

Too bad I threw away some five pounds of popped balloons not too long ago, hmm

Are you going to post the full popping video as well?

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Yoshiking 1 year ago

I love the poo sound pls more

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