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Cumming inside an inflatable Guardian Drake pooltoy suit

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⁣Cumming inside an inflatable Guardian Drake pooltoy suit

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Whale Rider
Whale Rider 10 months ago

wow... how did you make that?

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InflaYiffLover 10 months ago

Even being mire difficult to make I assume, this really seems like the ideal design for inflatable suits... I have tried one and just did not enjoy the inherent difficulty breathing through the hose... This suit is beautiful and irresistible to cum in guaranteed lol

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livingpooltoy 10 months ago

Having the open face is really nice. And if you want to cover your face and do a little breathplay like I do, you can just slide down into the suit and your face goes into the neck

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LucasZaii93 10 months ago

Very coolllll!!!

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