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Olaf gets deflated

515 Views· 04/06/22
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Rough play on this toy I found on the side of the road. i thought it was popped. it cleaned yp well... no leaks too.

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Inflabigtoys 8 months ago

I have big inflatables i ride it in the same way to, a good bouncing is fun, I'm looking for friends to share inflatables

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Rammelmietze03 7 months ago

Gerne süßer

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Thorsten Inflalover
Thorsten Inflalover 8 months ago

Olaf seems quite to enjoy this to be handled by you ^^ Lovely sight how you caress every side of him <3

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Tony 8 months ago

I don't think I will pop it. I haven't been much in a popping mood lately

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popabball 8 months ago

Nice find Tony! Are you going to treat it right with some holes?

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