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Riding a Zenith in the Forest!

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⁣Riding my Zenith on a small cute island i found, this is my first time bringing it outside! And i plan to do so alot more! soon i will be making a videos when riding them in the water ;3 or popping them in the water while riding them and letting them sink.

If you like my work and want to support me then plz like and follow and give me a comment what you want to see more of and give me ideas!

Discord: Amoux#8495
telegram: Amoux87

Thanks <3

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Dragodragon 4 months ago

Please P2P the zenith

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wangyi1999 4 months ago


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Trav Hugh
Trav Hugh 4 months ago

I would love to ride that dragon so much

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magoruk 4 months ago

The back view is very sexy!

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Contrary 4 months ago

Really cool to see more Zenith content, theres a definitive lack of screentime for this big fellow :)
Deflation and or popping both seem like solid choices, personally.

Popping in water could prove tricky though.

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