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Grand MOAB giant balloon makes GL1200 look small

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Entirely mouth inflated 10 foot, 5.5" long monster airship balloon! I had to speed up the video because the inflation took nearly 40 minutes! I can't say enough how impressed I am with the quality of this insanely large balloon.

HUGE thanks to theballoonvault.com for sending me this prototype monster balloon to inflate! It's the first look at a new balloon that was custom made to make the GL1200 look small in comparison. Each balloon is hand-dipped in a home-based workshop and the quality REALLY shows. Check out theballoonvault.com to get your own! (As of Dec 2020, the store is temporarily closed, but will re-open soon!)

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GeneLoo 2 years ago

I luv gl1200s

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Cogs 1 year ago

MOABs are better

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