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Balloon sex toy how to make one
Dave Balloonfucker
11,221 Views · 9 months ago

making a balloon fuck hole out of a qualtex 16' balloon and a balloon clip my quick and easy method ,you can use a smaller balloon preferably with a good neck or pre stretched balloon

pink wolf bounce belly
Chad Lion
5,342 Views · 2 years ago

So i am have this lovely pink wolf, and i thought i should give it a nice hard bounce and ride.

comment if you want to see more bounceing ;3
or othere sugetions for things i should do to it.

Inflatable Ram Body Pillow Hump, Deflate and Stomp in Fursuit
Arco Husky
4,834 Views · 2 years ago

A very special person gave me this very cute Ram Dakimakura, so of course I had to make a video humping it, deflating it, and a little stomping action in fursuit in my maid outfit.
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Humping new toys of a fan
Inflatable Dutchie
4,668 Views · 2 years ago

After being deleted from YouTube, I stayed quiet for a while. For I start with reuploading my latest video. Not sure what the future will give though.

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Skype: inflatabledutchie
Instagram: infdutch
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アニメ フロート セーラー服 座ってすりすり
4,078 Views · 2 years ago

アニメフロートで こすりました

PP Wolf Hump and Deflation in Fursuit
Arco Husky
3,828 Views · 2 years ago

In this video, I ride, hump, and deflate my adorable PuffyPaws Inflatable Wolf. This is all while in my special set of MX Gear ?

I'm opening up for a video commission slot, so feel free to reach out if you're interested! ?

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Custom Hongyi Bunny Girl Inflation
3,540 Views · 2 years ago

Inflating my custom Hongyi 'Bunny Girl'. Some parts are sped up a bit.
This doll has 10 (ten!) separate air chambers!

Husky Vacation Fun
3,349 Views · 2 years ago

I recently went on vacation with some very good friends of mine, so we decided to film yours truly having some big fun with a couple of big balloons. I hope you enjoy it!

Intex shark helium inflation
Rex Raccoon
3,262 Views · 2 years ago

⁣Friend wanted me to do it so I did straight from the tank! No it doesnt float, it does feel a tiiiint bit lighter thats about all.
I did transfer the helium from the shark to a balloon after this so I could enjoy a good helium balloon so no, I didnt waste the helium :P

Husky Furry Humping a Czermak & Feger 63 inch Bunny Balloon
3,258 Views · 3 years ago

Here's a revised version of my famous bunny balloon video, now with fursuit flavor! Enjoy this one, everyone.

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Playing with an exercise ball and mouth inflating a new style intex dolpin
Inflatable Dutchie
2,967 Views · 2 years ago

Getting close to a milestone in life, so hoepfully I'll have some more time soonish. Today playing with an exercise ball and new style intex small dolphin in a tight triathlon suit. The new style dolphin isn't as soft as the old one, but still a nice toy. Btw, you know who you are, I don't, you can always message me.

⁣Skype: inflatabledutchie
Instagram: infdutch
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Intex Beachball Ride And Deflation
2,921 Views · 2 years ago

Secong hand market is a ⁣gift that keeps on giving. I wonder if I manage to find a toy there that is even older than this ball ⁣(∗´꒳`)

⁣If you want to get the camera owner a beer or suport me you can send me some btc to this address: ⁣bc1q9ka524m0d8khs9uh5ef5j0h9sffpnfkkx8gpak

Anime Rem Pillow Overinflate and Riding (Pt. 1)
Elaine Crazi
2,842 Views · 2 years ago

⁣Hello you guys, I hope you are doing well! As you can see, I have written all beautiful messages over the beautiful Rem while I played with it. This was a fun inflatable, because you could listen to the plastic becoming thinner and thinner. This is part one of two for videos. I hope you enjoy the squeaky sounds of Rem holding out.

SloMo Riding overinflated Miggy
2,796 Views · 2 years ago

SloMo Ride on My PP Wolf Miggy who has a bit too much air and giving him some good bounces. Enjoy the Show.

Stretched 6ft 1998 zilla
2,721 Views · 2 years ago

⁣Stretched 6ft 1998 zilla

PuffyPaws Snow Leopard Deflation in Fursuit
Arco Husky
2,445 Views · 2 years ago

A cute inflatable PP Snep came by for a visit, so I had no other choice than to have a little fun while riding the cute toy down while I deflate it. Enjoy~

Hard Riding My Pink PuffyPaws Wolf
2,335 Views · 11 months ago

⁣First Video finally, decided to put on my wolf fursuit head because i'm
shy but heres me rough riding my gen3 Puffypaws Pink wolf! Enjoy ^^

Sorry if its short it was so hot today!

Cum in Goodra’s inflatable puffy cloaca
2,275 Views · 1 year ago

Goodra made by Hongyi but inflatable cloaca pouch was made by me.

Tiger Deflation & Ride
Bolty Dewdrops
2,240 Views · 2 years ago

I pull the valve on my new tiger inflatable and ride it down on top of my cheetah!
Filmed by ⁣

Bouncy Castle play with Glyphon
2,239 Views · 2 years ago

I have Jump on my old Bouncy Castle, and have ride a Glyphon.

I will later Upload another video with Glyphon on Gumroad and a Trailer here. The Videos are Older.

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