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MacGyver Turkey Deflation
Robert non pop Mcinnes
78 Views · 2 days ago

deflation of my MacGyver turkeys

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Doll Fuck Aftermath
Robert non pop Mcinnes
277 Views · 2 days ago

forgot to show it in the last video so here it is

Red T-rex
454 Views · 2 days ago

Riding on a red T-rex until I cum on him.
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B2F Inflatable Man On The MacGyver Turkeys
Robert non pop Mcinnes
135 Views · 4 days ago

Inflating and fucking my inflatable man on my MacGyver turkeys

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November Fuck Fest
Robert non pop Mcinnes
122 Views · 4 days ago

Fucking my McGyver turkerys simultaneously

Sink with the pink
209 Views · 4 days ago

⁣Crossdress fun with the sweet pink orca girl...
Blow up ride and deflate in lake.
Old clip from october 2019

PP Pink Wolf Tight Inflation & Test Ride
811 Views · 5 days ago

I inflated my new Pink Wolf from PuffyPaws and did a test ride !
This one is softer than my brown one ^^
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Thanks for all my supporter <3

Huge Tiger ride [Teaser Trailer]
270 Views · 8 days ago

In this video I ride on my huge inflatable Tiger with a nice cumshot on his back.
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Little Penguin
299 Views · 10 days ago

⁣Old clip (October 2017)
Ride the little penguin (INTEX) in female swimsuit...

PuffyPaws Wolf Belly & Side Ride
875 Views · 12 days ago

⁣⚠ Reupload, previous one got a process problem !
⁣⁣Rided my PP Wolf upside down ! 😄
It is soo great and cool to see some white ^^
Enjoy this video !
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New Toy Unboxing
556 Views · 9 days ago

POV of the unboxing of my new ⁣Pink PP Wolf !
What a cuttie ! 😳
I think you will love it too.
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Thanks for watching <3

Balloon sit pop on a swimring
500 Views · 14 days ago

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Ride&Blow 2 POP Whale
1,569 Views · 16 days ago

If you cannot read the video : ⁣
Ride and Blow to POP my Intex Whale. 🐋
The whale toke soo much ! I was impressed and thinking it will never burst. The split was pretty impressive and the tail literaly explode ! 💥
Hope you'll enjoy, tell me if you want more content like this one😈
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Riding on the flying Ember dragon! [teaser trailer]
364 Views · 17 days ago

⁣⁣Full Video on my Onlyfans:

Riding on my Ember dragon while he is hanging from the ceiling.

⁣This is very stressful for the dragon, but he become a lovely cumshot on his head for his work.

MacGyver Turkey Fuck 2
Robert non pop Mcinnes
466 Views · 18 days ago

MacGyver tourkey #2 getting fucked

Fan Mail: Robert Corbin PO Box 331 Ritzville WA 99169

MacGyver Turkey Inflation
Robert non pop Mcinnes
235 Views · 21 days ago

what would MacGyver do if he was a mouth inflator and there were no mouth inflatable turkeys but there are chickens that can be mouth inflated he would probably do what i did in this video

Fan Mail: Robert Corbin PO Box 331 Ritzville WA 99169

Cumshot on blue balloon
388 Views · 21 days ago

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MacGyver Turkey Fuck
Robert non pop Mcinnes
521 Views · 24 days ago

what would MacGyver do if he wanted to do a Thanksgiving themed fuck vudeo but don't have a inflatable turkey the next best thing is a chicken

Fan Mail: Robert Corbin PO box 331 Ritzville WA 99169

Clear Beachball Deflation
Robert non pop Mcinnes
232 Views · 25 days ago

you seen it get inflated fucked and now you get to watch my breath exit the toy

How To Love Inflas (BIG BOI TIGER)
Thorsten Inflalover
527 Views · 25 days ago

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣The twenty-fourth entry in the HTLI serie 😀

The tiger began to grow, his sides bulging and getting tight. I stopped my breath, pushed a finger into his inflation valve. "How much can you pack? You look like a tiger who can handle some more air", I said and chuckled. My inflatable friend gave me a half annoyed, half amused gaze. "The last time you filled me up pretty good", he growled, "my sides are still sour".
I grabbed the air pump and slowly unplugged the valve again. "Not again", the tiger said but without defence in his voice. He looked right between my legs. "I know you like to o-v-e-r-inflate me", he purred, and the way he said the word "over" made me harder as I thought.
I pumped some air into my buddy, watching him grow. "I sit on you and inflate you tightly", I whispered into his ear. He growled, offering me his back to hop on. I grabbed his tail, slowly pushing the tail into his body. My hand disappeared into his back: "Who wants to become a big cat hmmm?"

If you like any particular scene or have recommendations for angles etc., feel free to leave me a comment or message ❤

⁣About Customs:
Yes, I do custom videos – either with a toy of mine or yours. I am also open to ideas what to do with the toy.
If you want to check for a custom slot, see my ABOUT ME section first please. I can only accept a limited number as I can shot only with spare time at hand.

I don't monetarize my videos so customs are and will be free of charge! If you want to donate something for my work drop me a message.
All my videos are uploaded exclusively on Inflatevids.

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