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How to clean sph
Nino Brown
297 Views · 4 days ago

How to make a triangle shaped floatie/armband
960 Views · 4 months ago

came with this idea a time ago. wanted to share it with you and made this short "show-to" on my phone.

Cute guide to squeaks from con (extremely useful!)
Nino Brown
512 Views · 4 months ago

read in english

photo album of panels at end if video.


big thanks to treble for taking the time to make this. some stuff even i never heard in yrs of advice.

How to play with ring shaped inflatables
1,476 Views · 4 months ago

Check the store for some not commonly availible toys ⁣https://inflationresource.online

Update And Site Review
Robert non pop Mcinnes
323 Views · 4 months ago

I give a update and review this site

Fan Mail: Robert Corbin PO box 331 Ritzville WA 99169

How to make bathtime balloon fuckhole
Dave Balloonfucker
752 Views · 4 months ago

this is the same method as the air blown balloon fuckhole video but the balloon is filled with water so its actually easier to make because the water makes the balloon slippy to get your hand out passing the knot to back of balloon to then put on the clip a quick and easy method which makes bathtine fun ❤️❤️❤️

Tutorial: Cz&F giant rabbit balloon inflation
Rex Raccoon
978 Views · 4 months ago

This is how you properly inflate the giant rabbit balloon made by Gummiwerk/CZERMAK & FEGER! If you follow these steps, it will come out perfect every time! Ive been asked to make this tutorial by a few people and I finally got around to doing it!
I made it harder on myself by being in fursuit but I got it mostly all covered!
One thing I forgot to mention that if the ears deflate/shrink at all, its near impossible to get them back out safely without starting the full inflation over.

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You can also DM to send toys, balloons, and/or ideas for content!

JDfluffing the pony demo
388 Views · 5 months ago

Balloon sex toy how to make one
Dave Balloonfucker
4,308 Views · 5 months ago

making a balloon fuck hole out of a qualtex 16' balloon and a balloon clip my quick and easy method ,you can use a smaller balloon preferably with a good neck or pre stretched balloon

Another Update
Robert non pop Mcinnes
434 Views · 6 months ago

I explain why i keep deleting and redoing some of my videos

Fan Mail: Robert Corbin PO Box 331 Ritzville WA 99169

Update 1
Nino Brown
581 Views · 7 months ago

id like to start comissioning vids. this is just an update regarding that. just wanna make a little extra money. for toys, usually. and so nothing scary happens again when i run out of money. which unfortunately happens a lot these days. thank u! enjoy my other actually enjoyable content plz.

Hp goth mane advice
Nino Brown
400 Views · 7 months ago

let me know if u want more advice vids i learned a lot with these big softies at my side.

Another Update Video
Robert non pop Mcinnes
564 Views · 9 months ago

I explain and give a update on my toy that "popped"

Fan Mail: Robert Corbin PO Box 331 Ritzville WA 99169

Sealing a balloon with a hairtie loop
838 Views · 10 months ago

A quick tutorial on how I tie most of my balloons these days. This is a good alternative to clips if you plan to ride a balloon upright, as it prevents the clip from digging in and popping your balloon. This method also works with a rubber band or the neck ring from a popped balloon, but I like hairties because they slip over themselves more easily which makes it easier to tie and take off.

How to: Folding a HP Kangaroo
Rex Raccoon
527 Views · 10 months ago

⁣Folding a HP kangaroo is no joke! Heres how to do it...

FYI: The roo folded using this technique will not fit into the original box. I use this way for a slimmer stacking height and less fold line wrinkles for storage.

I recommend some kind of soft bag either cloth (NOT DYED/COLORED) or plastic WITHOUT labels. Trash bags, Giant ziploc bags, white pillowcase, or fleece work great for storage to keep from paint scratches or holes.

If you would like tutorials on how to fold other toys, let me know! Ill make viedos on those as well!

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Experimenting With A Weed Sprayer
Robert non pop Mcinnes
935 Views · 1 year ago

Me seeing if a weed sprayer can double as a pump

Fan Mail: Robert Corbin PO Box 331 Ritzville WA 99169

Update Video
Robert non pop Mcinnes
785 Views · 1 year ago

In this video I talk about the only pussy you will find me fucking is that of a inflatable doll

Fan Mail: Robert Corbin PO Box 331 Ritzville WA 99169

How To Remove Excess Vinyl From Toys
Robert non pop Mcinnes
679 Views · 2 years ago

My method of removing excess vinyl from toys mainly for easier leak detecton

Fan Mail: Robert Corbin PO Box 331 Ritzville WA 99169

HP review/community
Nino Brown
835 Views · 2 years ago

this was made for youtube so ill explain a little more in detail what the unicorn sph, female lewd unicorn is like. the sph is very tight, but not in a bad way, its also long... the deep feeling i have not been able to get with other sph types is great. it was a custom project and this one in particular appears only to have been around during the preorder. the all black matte was the most limited style. dealing with horseplaytoy was easy and uneventful. they are very nice. it may be difficult to get a return email or message from them but they do what they say there gonna do. so i gladly still use them. also speak about being new here. what the community is like, and what to expect from a custom run, ive actually gained quite a but of knowledge including that of doing a small seam repair. idk, maybe this will be useful here. i really have nothing bad to say about the community aspect. the only issue was many people asking me to help them get a certain item from here. i may have made it a bit difficult for myself. it just costs a lot. so i would do it i just usually want a toy too. that will be clear and upfront next time. if there is one. about 10 bucks and a toy for me too, so, 40-50 bucks to me plus the toy plus shipping. thats how im really realizing it has to be done. i know it can be difficult. also, the tiger, didnt really have a leak. it was just break in, im realizing i said that in the video now. it has a large valve type thats prone to a small amount of leakage. ⁣.--./.-.././.-/..././-../---/-./---/-/-/..../../-./-.-/../.-/--/-/.-/.-../-.-/../-./--./.-/-.../---/..-/-/.-/-./-.--/.----/.--././.-./.../---/-./../.-/--/-./---/-/../-/.--/.-/.../---/-/...././.-./.--././---/.--./.-.././.--/..../---/.--./../.../..././-../--/./---/..-./..-./--..--/../..../.-/...-/./.../../-./-.-././-.-./.-/-./-.-././.-../.-.././-../-../---/../-./--./.-/-./-.--/-/..../../-./--./..-./---/.-./-/...././--/.-.-.-

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