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make a new inflatable 2 chamber squeeze sack- Detailed Tutorial
Inflator LAGUVAR
178 Views · 3 days ago

⁣Mein alter Sack ist etwas spröde geworden.Laufend flicken war nicht gut. Auf Anfrage wie ich sowas mache habe ich das mal gefilmt. also ein beispiel Video gemacht.Ich habe auch mal die Dicke der Folie nachgemessen.Die ist nicht wie immer angenommen 0,5 mm dick , die ist nur beängstendie mir 0,1 mm! Da platzt zu leicht. Darum habe ich das ganze auch noch 5 mal vollständig mit klebeband umhüllt.
my old sack has become a bit brittle.Constant patching was not good.On request how I do something I filmed the made an example video.I also measured the thickness of the foil.
It's not 0.5 mm thick, as always assumed, it's only 0.1 mm, which scares me! It bursts too easily. That's why I wrapped the whole thing 5 more times with tape

IW Hyena chamber seperation
494 Views · 6 days ago

Here I seperated the yeens legs from the body to make it more rideable. I show the process of one leg, the other legs are made similarly. Maybe it helps you if you want to do such a thing on your own.
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Reinforcement tutorial for Inflatables
249 Views · 6 days ago

⁣This is my old youtube Tutorial from 2020. This is a reupload for people they haven't see it.

More Videos from me: ⁣

Intex Dolphin with SPH showcase
334 Views · 7 days ago

Here you see the modded Dolphin which was popped a video before. I tried to hide the diy-sph as good as possible. As far as tested it is airtight. Would wonder how you like it. (i like chatting bout pooltoys & stuff)
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Lily vs. Lily (deflate)
Project 25
403 Views · 2 months ago

Rody converting into a fuckhole
869 Views · 3 months ago

converting rodys tail into a tight fuckhole

BB inflatable Ass tutorial
712 Views · 3 months ago

Get two BB and glue them together, put the glue as shown in the thumbnail.
I tried using one BB panel only, but the hole was too short. I recomend using 2 panels.
For this one, I used 2 x 51cm bestway BB ( 20" ).

Part2 ❤️ SPH MADE FROM THE WHALES FIN ❤️ Experimental sph a success ❤️
Dave Balloonfucker
896 Views · 5 months ago

Heres the finished toy its now ready to fuck the glues dried and we inflate it and show you the sph made from a fin in only 15mins at a cost of just the whale and some glue , while making the sph if you have a patch of an old whale ready it would go where the patch of tape is on this video and can be stuck on after glue is applied inside onto wooden spoon to seal the syringe hole after applying glue

❤️ MAKE SPH OUT OF YOUR WHALE FIN ❤️ Experimental tutorial part 1 making the sph out of the fin
Dave Balloonfucker
710 Views · 5 months ago

I was thinking i would love an SPH toy and had this great idea of how to make the fin into the sph and it WORKED a treat ❤️❤️❤️ so heres how i did it , i use a clear blue whale so you can see in detail how to make one. In part 2 video you will see the finished sph out of the fin and i couldent wait to try it and it felt so good the tighter you inflate the whale the tighter the sph gets just add lube and enjoy, i like to fuck it standing up against the wall ❤️ please dont forget to like and subscribe for more inovative toys i have lined up

How to clean sph
Project 25
1,074 Views · 6 months ago

How to make a triangle shaped floatie/armband
1,383 Views · 10 months ago

came with this idea a time ago. wanted to share it with you and made this short "show-to" on my phone.

How to play with ring shaped inflatables
2,018 Views · 10 months ago

Check the store for some not commonly availible toys ⁣

Update And Site Review
BBFT Non Pop
448 Views · 10 months ago

I give a update and review this site

How to make bathtime balloon fuckhole
Dave Balloonfucker
1,260 Views · 10 months ago

this is the same method as the air blown balloon fuckhole video but the balloon is filled with water so its actually easier to make because the water makes the balloon slippy to get your hand out passing the knot to back of balloon to then put on the clip a quick and easy method which makes bathtine fun ❤️❤️❤️

Tutorial: Cz&F giant rabbit balloon inflation
Rex Raccoon
1,456 Views · 11 months ago

This is how you properly inflate the giant rabbit balloon made by Gummiwerk/CZERMAK & FEGER! If you follow these steps, it will come out perfect every time! Ive been asked to make this tutorial by a few people and I finally got around to doing it!
I made it harder on myself by being in fursuit but I got it mostly all covered!
One thing I forgot to mention that if the ears deflate/shrink at all, its near impossible to get them back out safely without starting the full inflation over.

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⁣⁣⁣⁣My content is always free however costly and time consuming. If you would like to support me, DM me and we can work something out!
You can also DM to send toys, balloons, and/or ideas for content!

JDfluffing the pony demo
462 Views · 11 months ago

Balloon sex toy how to make one
Dave Balloonfucker
17,090 Views · 11 months ago

making a balloon fuck hole out of a qualtex 16' balloon and a balloon clip my quick and easy method ,you can use a smaller balloon preferably with a good neck or pre stretched balloon

Another Update
BBFT Non Pop
527 Views · 1 year ago

I explain why i keep deleting and redoing some of my videos

Hp goth mane advice
Project 25
461 Views · 1 year ago

let me know if u want more advice vids i learned a lot with these big softies at my side.

Reinforced the Shark from the DINP video
1,024 Views · 1 year ago

The Shark got reinforced!
The softening video : ⁣
⁣You can buy DINP here ⁣

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