If you have uploaded nudity, make sure to verify! NSFW videos from unverified accounts may soon be deleted without further notification.


Why do I have to register to watch a certain video?

When uploading a video, the user has the option to only allow people who registered to the website to view their video. This is not something admins/moderators change themselves. It is not a tactic for us to gain more users, but rather a security measure that users can enable to make sure their videos can't just be shared around on other platforms.

Remember: InflateVids never enables the registration option themselves. And no, we are not planning on creating a paywall ever.

Why do you allow inflatable popping?

This website is meant to be for everyone in the balloon and inflatable communities. Some may not like it, but that includes everyone who likes to pop or destroy their inflatable toys. However, we also realize that this website might be unusable by people uncomfortable with popping if it's all over their feeds. This is why you may filter out these results on certain pages of the website. Videos won't be blocked by this filter, and you might find these videos on the uploader's channel page.

Insults, threats or attacks to people specifically over them popping (or not popping) their inflatables is an instant strike to an account, no matter how "rare" the toy or how "lame" the video is.

What are the guidelines?

There are two sets of guidelines. The first set is a set of general guidelines, that all user-contributed content (comments, profiles, video/image uploads) have to adhere to. The other set of guidelines is only for uploads, and applies only for video and image uploads.

You can read up on the guidelines on

Can I support InflateVids?

Yes! You can support InflateVids on Patreon at or if you're a developer and need a place for a cheap, performant and quality VPS, try out DigitalOcean with our referral link: and get $100 in credit! We'll get a kick back of $25 in credit if you continue using the service and spend $25.

Is this service free of charge?

Yes. Although some features might be locked off to supporters on Patreon, the main functionality (uploading and viewing videos) is always free of charge. Benefits for (pro) patrons include:
- Higher quality video viewing
- Access to beta website
- Patreon badge
- Featured videos
- No (Patreon) ads