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This is InflateVids, a website for looners and inflatable fetishists alike! Videos get uploaded with a ton of balloon and inflatable content, without any restriction. It's an adult orientated website founded by hardcore looner AnotherLooner and funded by like-minded people on Patreon. Moderation aims to make it a peaceful place for people to upload and watch video, without judgement. Enjoying a ride on a balloon? We'd love it here! Cuddling with a cute squeaky companion? That'd fit right in! Bouncing on a balloon with your dick out? That's allowed here! Rub a beachball across your breasts? Great, love it!

Making it a place for every fetishist, both popping and non-popping needs are tried to be met. Knowing the battle between some of the louder members of the community, the moderators of InflateVids aim to be neutral, no matter what they enjoy and what group they are part off. Read our guidelines for more information.