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To make everyone's time on this website as fun and pleasurable as possible, there have to be guidelines. Generally, if you're nice to other community members and correctly put in all of your video's metadata, you will likely be fine. However, because impartiality is important and there have to be strict lines in the sand, do read through this if you are unsure your video, comment or post is within these guidelines.

Strike system

This website does not (yet) have a strike system build into the platform yet. If you want to know your strike standings, please contact with your account's email. A sheet is maintained with all the strikes and reasons why.

The regular three-strike-out rules apply. Get three strikes in any category, and you will be banned off the platform. This includes your account and in some cases also IP addresses. There are three strike categories:

  • General
  • Uploads
  • Copyright

Besides copyright (which we hope is obvious), the categories will be explained in their own little heading on this page.

Note: These are all separate categories and therefor a copyright strike does not count towards a video uploads strike.


We try to put the burden of removing comments on videos with the uploader unless it is an obvious violation of any of the guidelines. Everything that the user can put on this website fall under these guidelines, which includes any uploads, profile info, comments etc.

  • Toxic behaviour/Personal attacks: Refrain from pointing out people's flaws, attacking people for what they do or don't enjoy, directing hate or attacks to another individual and threats.
    • Note: there are filters on this website to hide balloon and/or inflatable popping content when logged in. Check your General Settings to find these. Attacking people for popping (or not popping) is an instant strike, however "rare" the balloon/inflatable is.
  • Sharing private info: Sharing private info is not allowed. This includes full names, addresses, phone numbers and other such info that is reasonable to consider private. We might ask proof this info is yours if such info is included in any content.
  • Mention/Promote illegal activites: You are not allowed to mention illegal activities. This includes theft, drugs, hacking, murder and suicide.
  • Hate speech: This is basically personal attacks, but on a large scale. You may not promote violence or hate towards any attribute of a group of people. Yes, this includes poppers and non-poppers as groups. You are also not allowed to dehumanize these groups.
  • Use of slurs: You can't use racial, religious or other slurs on this website.

Please note that this list is not complete, and judgement lies at the admins. Comments may always be removed by the uploader at free will.


This includes any image and video uploads to this website. These should follow both the General Guidelines but also these additional guidelines.

  • Video is about Inflatables and/or Balloons: This only applies to videos and not images. All videos uploaded to InflateVids have to primarily be about balloons or inflatables. If it's not, the video will end up deleted and you may get a strike. Exceptions may be allowed for other fetish related content, as long as 4/5 of your uploads are inflatable/balloon related. If you're unsure please do discuss this with admins before uploading
  • Correct metadata: The title, category, sub-category, description and tags have to be accurate to your content. If these are not accurate, the video may be privated and you will be asked to edit this data. With a second violation, you will get a strike. Some important notes:
    • Content where something is being popped or is another way leaking (on purpose and accidental) must be categorized under a sub-category which clearly states "Pop(ping)". Posting pop content in non-pop categories will get deleted and might be striked. The metadata (title, description etc.) may also not include (links to) popping content in these categories
    • If an inflatable gets destroyed, it should be categorized under "Destruction" sub-categories. This doesn't include sit popping, unless the inflatable gets ripped further.
    • When inflation is part of how an inflatable gets popped, it should be listed under "Inflation Popping" subcategory.
    • You may post non-pop content in a popping category, but only if the intention was to pop the subject of the video, and that this intent is obvious
    • Videos without balloons are not allowed in the "Balloon" categories, and videos without inflatables are not allowed in the "Inflatable" categories
    • If your video includes both balloons and inflatables, it may be put in either category
    • Balloon and Inflatable "abuse" content is allowed in non-pop categories, if there is no popping. For inflatables this means that it has to be airtight by the end of the video
    • Nudity has to be listed under the "Nudity" category. No exceptions, if there is any nudity as per description of the nudity section, no matter how many frames, it has to be under this category
    • Titles must reflect the content of the video. This means that if you write "Non-pop Sitting Green Balloon in Onesie" you are indeed sitting on a green balloon, in a onesie, which doesn't pop.
  • Minors (<18): Anyone under the age of adulting or the age of 18 (whichever is last in your country) is not allowed to be featured in videos at all. If someone's age in a video is questioned, the video might be privated and proof of age is asked for this individual. The only exception is someone not directly involved in the video (i.e. not interacted with and not participating). Videos on this site are primarily targeted at adults, and including minors is just something that we do not want to have.
  • Scat (poo)/watersports(urine)/Gore/Blood: This is all not allowed to be featured in videos, no exception.
  • Forced sexual activity: The only guideline that might be vague. (BD)SM is allowed, but there have to either be proof behind the scenes that can be provided to the admins or cues in the video itself that make it obvious this is just play. Rape fantasy is absolutely not allowed.
  • Nudity: Nudity is when the penis, buttocks or nipples (male and female) are exposed and viewable in the video. This includes simulated penis, buttocks and nipples. Exceptions are parts of an inflatable (ONLY as inflated or stuffed vinyl) or on a balloon as print. You may not upload these if you haven't been verified by the team. Verification is a process that requires image uploading of a valid ID card. After verification, this image will be removed and verification will be given when age has been verified. If you have been verified, go ahead!

Please note that this list is not complete, and judgement lies at the admins.