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InflateVids is funded by the community

Thanks to the generosity of patrons and one-time donators, InflateVids can be hosted free-of-charge for the general public! Want to know more? This page is an overview of how funding is managed for InflateVids.

What does community funded mean?

This website prides itself in having a no-hassle, fast and no-obtrusive ad experience unlike most fetish websites. Instead, we have opted for being funded by the community through means of Patreon patronage and one-time donations through Ko-fi. We never intend to have a pay-wall and will always offer basic functionality for free (e.g. uploading, viewing, commenting etc.).

The vision is a home for all balloon and inflatable lovers. Be it poppers or non-poppers, furry or non-furry, male or female (or non-binary) and we even want to move to lewd and non-lewd, with separate websites for people who like the more wholesome side.

What is all the money for?

Currently we are raising money to fund the main website. You know, the one you are currently visiting. Over the month of March roughly 10.000 people used InflateVids, with over 150.000 page views, about 50.000 unique video views and even more actual video views. That is a lot of data being transferred!

Every GB transferred costs us $0.01. Very simplified, in 1GB you can roughly fit 10 (full 1080p) video views. And that is only counting data transferred, because there is also still server and storage costs. These costs always have priority over other projects to do with InflateVids.

In the future we would love to expand and offer a mobile app, do load balancing, create separate FFmpeg (video conversion) servers and expand the network with new servers for forums, authentication and also websites for other niche fetishes (like plush).

How is it currently funded?

The website is funded with money from the generosity of InflateVids patrons over at Patreon. You might recognize them because of their patron badges on the website. Right now there isn't enough support to cover the full costs. The rest of the costs is covered by owner and host of InflateVids, who is AnotherLooner.

However this extra support for extra costs is not going to last forever. By December 14th, 2021 the website should be fully self-funded. That means that the data transfer, server costs and additional services to help run InflateVids should all be covered by community support over on Patreon. A last resort would also be getting a sponsor for the website who would be willing to cover costs in exchange for ad space.

If costs aren't fully covered by the end of this year the website would go into an archival mode for a couple months, where videos can only be watched and not uploaded. If within 2 months the website is still not getting enough funding through Patreon, there will be 1 month left for a last chance to watch videos and for video creators to download their video. This would be on February 28th 2022 at the earliest.

Obviously we have and always will keep the right to change these terms based on how crazy costs get, but we are pretty committed to keeping this project going.

So please consider contributing to the website if you enjoy it! With the community's generosity this website can be hosted for yet another month.