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1990 IntexInflatable snuggle, valve play, and deflation
245 Views · 6 days ago

decided to put hin away for a while, but decided to show a little video of me playing with him while he goes down~

IW Fox Deflation POV. Hugging, stepping (no rough play)
428 Views · 1 month ago

decided to put my fox away for a while, but thought to add a video of me doing some deflation.

I was not playing rough, nor was i being aggressive of pulling hard on the valve as it was open. Its my pooltoy and if i break it, then so be it. Its my money anyways. Becides, she has a patch on her neck.

Dumpster Dive Find: Intex Expolrer 200 boat
495 Views · 3 months ago

Found this cutie in a bin so I took her home with me, washed her off, dried her up, inflated her, and so far shes fine.

However, the floor chamber has a lea, and water is inside the chamber from the hole. Im gonna try and get the water out somehow but I am not going to bother fixing the floor chamber. Pump and oars that come with the boat were not in the trash byw

Fya dragon wings deflation
470 Views · 10 months ago

Heres to those that get turned on watching dragon inflatable wings slowly going down from deflating. Its sadly not something many do. Hopfully some people might do it themselves after seeing this

Also, yes, as yoi can tel, i am indeed a weeb ;)

Fya Dragon main chamber quick valve tease
292 Views · 10 months ago

My Fya arroved, so i decided to tease her valve a little!

Inflating 1990s Intex Dolphin sit on inflatable
335 Views · 11 months ago

heya! names Vgcat, and i'd like to introduce myself to this website with one of my most cherished inflatables in my small so far but growing collection. Shes my oldest so far and I take great care of her. Heres a short video of me inflatating her! Enjoy!

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