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Blue Lycanroc Short Riding and Deflation
740 Views · 3 months ago

Had some cuddles with the blue lycanroc before finally deflating her. I let her ride me for a bit before reaching her main valve on the rear. While she was deflating, I made sure to give her some extra hugs while she was still on top.

This Blue Lycanroc was made by HongYi and the design was probably inspired by the artwork from Makishi Ookami. She can be ordered from HongYi through their catalog on Alibaba.

Blue Lycanroc Inflation
595 Views · 3 months ago

⁣This time I'm inflating my Blue Lycanroc. The design, I believe, was
created by Makishi Ookami before HongYi made a real version out of it. I
applied my custom art on it not knowing it was originally a lycanroc.
It's quite nice in the water as well, though not as comfy for laying on
as Crystal due to the neck fluff and tail. The transparent blue does
create a nice effect with the right lighting.

This inflatable available from HongYi through their catalog on Alibaba.

Crystal the White Laying Dragon Short Riding and Deflation
1,717 Views · 3 months ago

After having her up for some days, Crystal has to be deflated as she has occupied her spot long enough. But of course she would not just allow this without having a bit of fun first. To that end, she's getting some extra air she likes while she's being ridden. But in the end, she can't keep her air and slowly sinks while she's deflating.

Though, she'll get her fun in a few days when she'll be brought to the local lake to give her some more space~

Crystal is a white dragon designed by Distended Polygon and improved by me. Distended Polygon created the original model and I optimized some seams and made the new colored artwork. This Crystal has been made by Shenzen Beile Inflatables Co, Ltd. and is available for purchase from their catalog:

Crystal the White Laying Dragon Inflation
567 Views · 3 months ago

This is Crystal her first inflation. Crystal is a white dragon with blue / pink accents. The model was originally created by Distended Polygon as Laying white dragon. I had some improvements made and changed her artwork to be more vibrant. PoolToyNeko originally came up with the name Crystal which stuck. She was produced by Beile and is available for purchase through their catalog on Alibaba.

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