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Playing with an air mattress in tight speedos (riding + licking)
293 Views · 5 days ago

So you tried again to bring out your mattresses to the pool? Too bad that this swimmer is also the lifeguard who takes them away to bring them to his room (for security reasons obviously). Being alone, he starts to enjoy your floats more and more ... ;)

Swimmer licks and rides air mattress
499 Views · 5 months ago

Getting straight of his sunbath, this swimmer decided to take the air mattress he found at the pool into his bed. As he enjoys the smell of a hot hunk that used it before, he gets more and more into it.

Wet guy sensually plays with his airmattress
527 Views · 7 months ago

This guy recently had to run home from a heavy summer thunderstorm, which is why he ripped off his clothes except his tight underwear - Sweaty and wet from the rain. Fortunately someone left their airmattresses there for a short but very sensual play.

Deflating clear air mattress
371 Views · 1 year ago

Guess who's back - The leatherman. This time he found your tighly inflated airmat. You can really see his excitement upon getting his fingers on that mattress. At least this time he decides for a deflation via valve ;)

Deflating inflatable raft with leather jacket
600 Views · 1 year ago

Forgot to store your inflatable rafts? Be careful, bad dudes in leather might get their hands on it..
But no worries, since this leathered dude enjoys the raft so much, he will be careful with his leather jacket not to poke any holes ;)

Swimmer wants to get his airmat tight
1,077 Views · 1 year ago

We all know the hot summer days, where we just want to enjoy the time on a pooltoy. Enjoy ;)

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