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Ride/deflate inflatable world bunfox
609 Views · 6 days ago

a friend was very kind to entrust me with his iw bunfox during the con. it is by far the softest, snuggly, and bouncy inflatable ive had the luck to play with. i cannot express enough how much fun it was playing with him ^^

please enjoy this fun and exciting ride/deflation of an iw foxbun. i had to be a bit gentle with him as he does not belong to me.

if anyone has a bunfox for sale or willing to trade for another toy, please dm me through here or telegram at @xavier_husky. it would make me the happiest husky! ^^

Riding and bouncing on inflatable cerisey dragon.
1,548 Views · 1 month ago

riding inflatable cerisey on top of a support beam of an inflatable water slide. twice the bounce, twice the thrill!! ^^ derg was so soft under the sun too! ^^

Quick ride on cerisey
482 Views · 5 months ago

giving cerisey derg a quick ride . shes such a soft cutie ^^

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