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Custom inflatable animal bouncy pool toy
154 Views · 2 days ago

⁣Can go with custom design, feel free o contact Kris for further information
⁣Twitter @Kristalyn_Wu

Intex Dolphin with SPH showcase
307 Views · 6 days ago

Here you see the modded Dolphin which was popped a video before. I tried to hide the diy-sph as good as possible. As far as tested it is airtight. Would wonder how you like it. (i like chatting bout pooltoys & stuff)
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Ride And Deflate Blue Whale
IW Hyena chamber seperation
473 Views · 4 days ago

Here I seperated the yeens legs from the body to make it more rideable. I show the process of one leg, the other legs are made similarly. Maybe it helps you if you want to do such a thing on your own.
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Reinforcement tutorial for Inflatables
231 Views · 4 days ago

⁣This is my old youtube Tutorial from 2020. This is a reupload for people they haven't see it.

More Videos from me: ⁣https://onlyfans.com/vflamdra

Riding Inflatable World Wolf
293 Views · 4 days ago

rought ride brown horse.
Chad Lion
668 Views · 14 days ago

⁣After rought riding the drake till it gave out, I tried to burst the horse from rought riding.

but amazingly it held up. I will be riding this horse again roughtly, probably with frineds.

want to suport the cost of horse food ? (the air) you can useing this hyper link.


Aurora X - Swimming on the dragon lady
285 Views · 11 days ago

With my sexy girlfriend back on the lake.
Crossdress costume and naked fun, ride and love..

Ride & Overinflate Rhino
1,264 Views · 1 month ago

The rhino is extremely resistant and believe me, i didn't push it a lot.
⁣Support me : ⁣https://www.patreon.com/TheMaskedRider

Chad Lion
682 Views · 11 days ago

While my boyfrined was taking a shower,
I borrowed a friends balto and made love to it.

if you like what I do and want to suport me, just click here -> ⁣https://www.patreon.com/ChadLion

Zenith gets a loving ride
Blaze The Husky
507 Views · 5 days ago

To celebrate getting my dream toy, Zenith, Gen 3 Prototype, instead of doing some nsfw video, I wanted to give him a loving and carring ride to introduce him to my inflatable family. as the Crown to my inflatable Collection.
Im glad my Zenith is safe, and in my caring hands. I hope you enjoy the short riding session!

I hope you enjoy especially, Zoran :)

HD002: Masturskunk
Thorsten Inflalover
586 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Welcome to my HD stuff! Some ideas and suggestions were used for my upcoming videos, so stay tuned. Once again a hearty thank you to all who gave me good advise and feedback 😘

After some popping with an Intex boat (the next upload – celebrating 500 followers) I felt the need to release some man milk on top of my skunk. It didn't took long to splatter myself all over with semen…

Berrie Wusky Riding My Husky!
711 Views · 26 days ago

someone came by and wanted to try my husky and he got a little rough with him! Squeaky!

between humps..
Project 25
299 Views · 7 days ago

⁣lots of u ask why i call this one trash. no comment. ⬇

i think i been clear about how i feel about hp rn. i think ive been clear that it seems there was misunderstandings and they sounded very insulting to me at the time.

it is not your job as a community to tell me what level of happy i should be with a toy. now there is really no reason to engage. im sitting here trying to reserve myself to be forgiving for some bs thats probably never gonna do the same for me. spite 4 spite.

other then that tia is a great toy.. its the company that is trash bc they treated me that way. so... at least until they do right by that order that was fucked up. or at the very least let me buy a replacement, there trash. they will be referred to as such in my vids. who cares.. u wanna see the toy there it is.. again.. no toy is for sale. Id literally rather throw them in the trash for the slight satisfaction when im done with them. Stop (plz!) fucking asking..

Id love nothing more then to plug hp products in my vid titles, talk nice about them again, give the good products good reviews for no other reason then i like the products and wish to see them succeed. But thats not where we are at rn..

Hump and cum on giant gl1200 pt.2
489 Views · 7 days ago

humping and cumming on a gl1200

IW NIB 1/2
Project 25
360 Views · 16 days ago

JDdrride2 (1)
218 Views · 8 days ago

more dragon rideing

Testing new SPH on fox suit
516 Views · 8 days ago

testing a newly installed SPH on fox suit

Giant Heatstretched Whale Hump
518 Views · 8 days ago

Depression can be hard to manage... especially when the medication associated destroy your libido...
But today, I was really horny.
Gentle ride only. I'm so excited to fuck this blimpy bitch again :3

Trashy pony beach
Project 25
404 Views · 8 days ago

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