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Riding the big derg
715 Views · 17 days ago

I rode the big Fya ! Hope you'll like it!
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FyaRyuu Belly & Side Ride
1,074 Views · 1 month ago

I put my dragon upside down and start riding on his biiiig belly.
It's so soft ! I tried different shooting angles, hope you'll like it !
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Playing with 2 wolves
819 Views · 2 months ago

Longest video I ever did. I played with my two wolves. Riding - inflation - deflation, I think you will find what you like ^^
This video was long to produce too! So sorry for the delay.
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Phenod's Sharpclaw Husky Deflation
521 Views · 2 months ago

⁣WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE NEXT ? I did a poll on patreon open for everyone, so please vote ! ✅
After having a lot of fun with her, I have to deflate this beautiful lead dog !
She's now on a box but she cans come out at every moment !
Thanks for watching ❤
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Phenod's Sharpclaw Husky First Ride
987 Views · 2 months ago

I rode this sharpclaw husky as it should be ridden. I started soft, and I gone TIGHT !
Don't worry, I'm sure she can take way more 😈
You'll see different point of view and I did some chromatic adjustments. Tell me if you like this format !
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Phenod's Sharpclaw Husky First Inflation
788 Views · 3 months ago

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The Sharpclaw Husky is one of the 4 new Lead Dogs from Phenod. It's 8ft long and it's a pleasure to play with. I inflated for the first time in this video. Hope you will love it ! ❤
The next video will be the first ride. You will see it from different angles an I overinflated the toy too. It will be an awesome video and if you want to see more, follow me on patreon or private donation.
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Phenod Sharpclaw Husky Unboxing
544 Views · 4 months ago

I just received my new Lead Dog from PhenodToy !
Looking as good as on photos ^^
So, here is the unboxing of this new toy ! 📦
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PP Pink Wolf Tight Inflation & Test Ride
1,741 Views · 4 months ago

I inflated my new Pink Wolf from PuffyPaws and did a test ride !
This one is softer than my brown one ^^
Watch in 4K : ⁣
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Thanks for all my supporter <3

PuffyPaws Wolf Belly & Side Ride
1,213 Views · 4 months ago

⁣⚠ Reupload, previous one got a process problem !
⁣⁣Rided my PP Wolf upside down ! 😄
It is soo great and cool to see some white ^^
Enjoy this video !
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New Toy Unboxing
711 Views · 4 months ago

POV of the unboxing of my new ⁣Pink PP Wolf !
What a cuttie ! 😳
I think you will love it too.
Watch in 4K : ⁣
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Thanks for watching <3

PuffyPaws Wolf Soft Ride & Hump
1,249 Views · 5 months ago

⁣Riding while humping my PP Wolf (Gen 3).
Not too much inflated to keep it soft and comfy !
Thank you for the 120 subs and for ⁣my first supporters !
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PuffyPaws Wolf Inflation
732 Views · 5 months ago

⁣Inflation of my PP Wolf (Gen 3).
⁣Another one should come! Ssshhht, I told you nothing :3
Not the best video quality wise, but the next ones will be better ^^
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FyaRyuu Inflation
735 Views · 5 months ago

⁣Inflating FyaRyuu from IW.
It's a red shiny one. As you can see, the toy have some issues. I'll try to repair it later or maybe sell it... Wait and see ^^
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[Reupload - 4K] Overinflation & Ride Whale (heatstretched)
1,834 Views · 5 months ago

*Got a problem with the video. Have to reupload it. Now you can enjoy it with higher quality ! *
I rode and overinflated my intex whale.
I'm sure it cans take even more...

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Deflate my Heatstreched Intex Whale
975 Views · 5 months ago

Deflating my overinflated and heatstreched (with the sun) whale.
Video is in 4K.
Inflation and riding should come. :)
I just need to found how I can compress the video to fit.

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Ride and Deflate Puffypaws Wolf
1,663 Views · 5 months ago

Riding and deflating my PP Wolf (Gen 3).
Inflatable is NOT for sale.
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