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Messing around with a Unicorn
Reza Aragashi
719 Views · 1 year ago

(first time using a Squid Game-inspired mask here, so hello~ ?)

Just having fun deflating a Bestway unicorn which I got on clearance, so I rode with it until I pulled the plug to let the air out.

It was fun, but I might replace this with a bigger one soon. I feel like this might not be the right size for me. ??

(Exclusive) Intex Real Whale Ride and Deflation
Reza Aragashi
853 Views · 1 year ago

Finally, I made a riding video~
This time, I had my Intex Whale out for a ride and let its air out in the end. I felt comfy wearing those suit. ?

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Vintage Intex Seahawk 100 boat inflation.
Reza Aragashi
653 Views · 2 years ago

Recently, I found this small vintage Intex Seahawk boat from a local online marketplace, so i decided to buy it and give it a spin.

It is small, but of course, for a toy aged this old, the vinyl is still soft and textured like what it's supposed to be.

This is an old Intex Seahawk 100 from the 90s when it was still under the Wet Set line by Intex, before they redesigned it as a sports boat with a much thicker vinyl and a sporty color scheme. It has the same color scheme as the Challenger before.

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Intex realistic whale (2014) inflation
Reza Aragashi
562 Views · 3 years ago

This is an inflation video of the Intex realistic whale. This toy is very big, almost can't fit the whole video.

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Intex River Run 1 (2014 Camouflage model) inflation
Reza Aragashi
257 Views · 3 years ago

Inflation video of the Intex River Run tube (Camouflage edition).

It's way bigger than my usual inflatable tubes I have on my house.

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Bestway River Gator tube inflation
Reza Aragashi
550 Views · 3 years ago

Inflation video for the bestway river gator inflatable tube.

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Intex friendly shark inflation
Reza Aragashi
646 Views · 3 years ago

title says it all

this is an inflation video of the modded and reinforced intex blue shark (2012 model)

reinforced using the trimmed strips off the toy and removed the baffles to make the toy look big and sturdy.

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