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the illusion of being squeezed out of a vagina.
Inflator LAGUVAR
67 Views · 21 hours ago

⁣I glued 3 garbage bags, each 240 liters, into a long bag. They're not thick enough, but it's a unique feeling to be gently pushed out.
Head cinema plays a major role in this.
my- I'm going to be born.

make a new inflatable 2 chamber squeeze sack- Detailed Tutorial
Inflator LAGUVAR
137 Views · 2 days ago

⁣Mein alter Sack ist etwas spröde geworden.Laufend flicken war nicht gut. Auf Anfrage wie ich sowas mache habe ich das mal gefilmt. also ein beispiel Video gemacht.Ich habe auch mal die Dicke der Folie nachgemessen.Die ist nicht wie immer angenommen 0,5 mm dick , die ist nur beängstendie mir 0,1 mm! Da platzt zu leicht. Darum habe ich das ganze auch noch 5 mal vollständig mit klebeband umhüllt.
my old sack has become a bit brittle.Constant patching was not good.On request how I do something I filmed the made an example video.I also measured the thickness of the foil.
It's not 0.5 mm thick, as always assumed, it's only 0.1 mm, which scares me! It bursts too easily. That's why I wrapped the whole thing 5 more times with tape

extreme pressure sack relieves back pain
Inflator LAGUVAR
100 Views · 5 days ago

⁣if from inflation fetish fun-
gets really serious. A hose accidentally came off. as a result, only one chamber was inflated. the sack straightened my back horizontally and arched it vertically. a strange feeling with my back pain.
Then I consciously did it in the other direction!
It was like a release, a little crack and it got better.
I've been doing this for 2 weeks now, bending 3 times for 1-2 minutes in each direction! My back is fine.
side effect. I overdid it a bit with the pressure.
I let myself be squeezed too hard.
Now my ribs hurt a little.

when i let myself be pumped up- while watching videos from tube.infalate vids.
Inflator LAGUVAR
126 Views · 6 days ago

⁣The sound is fake for entertainment the video length is only 40% of the original! Why? I used a compressor from an old refrigerator to inflate it, it doesn't make any noise.
( Just a tip, it has little volume but an incredible pressure of 16 bar, so everything bursts! )
Filmed with my 4K daschcam where the sound no longer works.
I hope you like it anyway.
Just a note. I then stopped seeing videos on the screen. The belly got too fat. too much pressure...

I'm testing my reinforced Squeeser Bag- Me and an air balloon get squashed
Inflator LAGUVAR
140 Views · 7 days ago

⁣The absolute pressure test!
I placed the balloon in front of my balls slightly between my legs.
An incredible cool feeling. Then the pressure got too much.
Not on my balls, but on my chest. then a dull bang, and the balloon had burst

If you underestimate a woman with her lung power
Inflator LAGUVAR
161 Views · 11 days ago

⁣when fantasy meets reality!
I find it boring to always inflate my inflatable squweeze bag with a pump. I have revised and strengthened it - see the last video. but I'm in control when I turn it off!"
But the real kick is missing! I'm putting control in someone else's hands now!. On this channel there is Sabrina. A woman with incredible lung power.
she is just the inspiration for this video!I
She's in a sex frenzy and just won't stop. I won't survive this!
Breathe! It's just my inflating fantasy!
Video and sound created and edited by me!
All rights with me.

Instructions: repair and upgrade my old pressure bag
Inflator LAGUVAR
111 Views · 11 days ago

⁣I overdid it and my 8 year old sack,
Needs repairs.
1. Check for leaks.
2. lay one on top of the other and glue again.
3. For even more pressure to inflate, he gets a 2nd layer from the outside.
4. Find more inflation critical spots and reinforce with tape.
5. The blur in the penultimate clip, that was my phone and not me.
6. pump up, sit on it and be happy when I lie in the sack and almost get crushed.
7. I know I'm different.
8. Any question or comment is welcome!

self  inflating -2
Inflator LAGUVAR
166 Views · 14 days ago

⁣I love the illusion of being pumped up.
Shit English translated from Google! To become!
So I make my fantasy come true myself.
It's so unbelievable how fat I get and then I can't move anymore!!!
The first time it was a huge Zeppelin Balloon in my pajamas which I blew up with my mouth!
The pressure on my cock grew! He fought back and became
always plumper!
It was a long time ago, there was no internet back then.
I always thought I'm the only one with an inflatable fantasy like this.

Inflate test bondage bag to the max - fatal error!
Inflator LAGUVAR
336 Views · 14 days ago

⁣Danger! This video is based on a true story.
Then this fake video was created by me.
Which is almost not a fake. everything is real except that I knew my timer would turn off the power after 15 minutes
I had not filmed the first test.
As you can see, I fell over unexpectedly and couldn't switch off.
The pressure increased, the breathing became shallower and shallower.
Real panic set in. I could then slit open the sack with my fingernails, break it.
be careful!!!

inflatin selfmade transparaent und black bag
Inflator LAGUVAR
141 Views · 15 days ago

⁣Clip 1 inflates 2 thin foil bags, each 1X2 meters
Clip 2 Crafted from 3 pieces of 240 liters garbage bags each
Laid together and only connected with Tesa adhesive tape.
You can see how many times it has been repaired.
Clip 3 a little fun, but with reduced performance.
These garbage bags are way too thin for me.
I like the pressure when I'm almost crushed and can't move.

overinflating my self
Inflator LAGUVAR
208 Views · 16 days ago

Test 2 Inflatable Squeeze bags
Inflator LAGUVAR
107 Views · 16 days ago

⁣I made 2 bondage bags.
the first was single chambered.
enormous pressure but you're on the ground.
the newer one has 2 chambers that I can inflate differently.
At the end of the video, I pump up the upper chamber first.
Then inflate the lower chamber and I start to float.
A much better feeling!

test Inflatable Squeeze bag
Inflator LAGUVAR
203 Views · 16 days ago

Selfmade Inflatable Bondagebag

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