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Kai's Archive - Halloween Play!
449 Views · 7 months ago

A rare non-nude video, but festive season had me to breaking out the warmer clothes and orange balloons. The question is... well I also break the balloons?

Sealing a balloon with a hairtie loop
838 Views · 10 months ago

A quick tutorial on how I tie most of my balloons these days. This is a good alternative to clips if you plan to ride a balloon upright, as it prevents the clip from digging in and popping your balloon. This method also works with a rubber band or the neck ring from a popped balloon, but I like hairties because they slip over themselves more easily which makes it easier to tie and take off.

Showing off my new balloon print
731 Views · 1 year ago

Got one of each color that we made inflated and ready for play! Only question is... how should I play with them? Help me decide! Pick a color and let me know what you'd like to see with it in a comment~

Want these prints for yourself? You can order them here!

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