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Shark play and ride
443 Views · 10 days ago

Video with this shark was requested by a viewer, enjoy!

⁣I provide my content free of charge, but it is very expensive time and funds wise to produce it.
Any tips or being sent toys for videos is greatly appreciated and helps me to provide better content! Special video/photo commissions are also possible.
DM me for contact :3

Riding Intex Blue whale
466 Views · 1 month ago

Riding hard on intex blue whale

rough ride and cum on old rare intex whale
1,281 Views · 2 months ago

for a 20 year old toy that lived in the florida sun and was heavily used, it somehow hardly leaks and is super soft and feels so nice. Old toys are just the best.
and questions or requests? DM me or comment

Black orca whale play
C The Looner
672 Views · 3 months ago

It's very great to make a video again for my InflateVids. Here I present you how I toom care of my big boy. I tried in gear an then i give him a surprise.

Hope you enjoyed my video, I'll make more content here, so stay tuned!

Fun cum inflatable blue orca
1,822 Views · 6 months ago

humping and cumm inflatable orca


BeachBall Ride
839 Views · 6 months ago

Teasing myself while riding on a beachball.

Dolphin ride on top of plane
758 Views · 1 year ago

riding a dolphin on a tightly inflated icf toys f117 nighthawk

Intex Walrus Ride & Deflation
868 Views · 2 years ago

⁣If you want to get the camera owner a beer or suport me you can send me some btc to this address: ⁣bc1q9ka524m0d8khs9uh5ef5j0h9sffpnfkkx8gpak

Humping my favorite blue whale
1,689 Views · 2 years ago

Humping my favorite Intex Blue Whale while wearing arm bands, no cum shot this time, that's coming up soon, anyway, enjoy ;)

Blue Whale Cum
1,079 Views · 2 years ago

Riding and cumming on Streched blue whale!

Swim wings fun and cum
773 Views · 2 years ago

Over The Edge [PART 3]
Thorsten Inflalover
1,582 Views · 2 years ago

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣The third entry in the Over The Edge serie ?
A serie with the extra poof! and kaboom!

It's time for a unicorn sacrifice ??
Just kidding! After watching the footage I made with the dinosaur I thought– well, we need to try out the unicorn sprinkler too! Unicorns are petite and slim but I wanted to create something else– a superstretched unicorn blimp to bounce on!
The lady with hoofs sadly went the way after the third ride but she made quite an impressive sized unicorn at all til then. I inflate her with the pump and mouth and make her bigger in the sunshine. A perfect match as the milky vinyl just gives an overall beautiful presence with the sunlight.

During the third riding she looses one leg (poof) and explodes under me (kaboom!) – that was quite a halt to our joyride…
This time I had some help with the pump as I had a headache the morning and didn't felt well enough to inflate the body myself. So there will be another pop video with the unicorn where I fill it to the brim with my lung power and breath ??
Sorry for the nasty mosquito bites– these fuckers bit me quite good during the last infla wrestle. However, it was worth it …

Thanks for you ongoing support and kind comments ❤

Inflating my pouncing Guilmon by mouth - Vilsalp Lake 2020
1,907 Views · 2 years ago

And another round of me mouth puffing a squeak up in the mountains - this time my pouncing Guilmon, Aaron derg's cute red relative :3

Inflating Aaron dragon by mouth - Vilsalp Lake 2020
1,546 Views · 2 years ago

Just me blowing up an Aaron derg by mouth while on tour through the beautiful Austrian Alps with a friend.
ALSO: No need to dislike just because you don't like mouth inflation, the title says clearly what this video is about so don't watch if you don't like it.

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