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Pup Puffing a 3 foot beach ball nice and tight
Fletcher Gray
839 Views · 1 year ago

Blowing up a 36" beach ball nice and tight for some squeaky riding and grinding.

Helium filling balloons part 2
Fletcher Gray
479 Views · 1 year ago

This time filling 2 belbal 14" thunder husky print balloons with my helium tank.

Inflating helium balloons part 1
Fletcher Gray
406 Views · 1 year ago

filling several helium balloons for a buoquet. woof

Just some helium balloon bouncing
Fletcher Gray
419 Views · 1 year ago

Nothing dirty, just enjoying the bounce of a helium bunch.

Helium  Red Q24 inflation
Fletcher Gray
298 Views · 1 year ago

just a pup filling a squeaky loon for play.

Helium Q24 tying
Fletcher Gray
180 Views · 1 year ago

just tying a Q24 for some tight squeaky floaty fun.

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