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Hi group!
Just like you, I love inflatables, especially dragons, unicorns and horses. My best is Luna. I like the others a lot too. I have a growing collection from Hongyi, Horseplay, Jetcreation and inflatableworld. Soon with Beile and Phenod and if there are others they will be in my collection. I've created some pretty ladies who squeal with Hongyi for some time.

I'm not a popper because I love them way too much to hurt. however I have already had problems with the seams of some of my oldest. I don't disrespect poppers either, it's just a shame to see them all ripped.
By the way, for you poppers, if you have unicorns or dragons that you want to get rid of, I'm a taker. I will probably do some videos eventually but no nudity, just showing them to you inflated and deflated without popping them.

Pleasure to know you.

(PS my native language is French because I live in Quebec in Canada so I may make mistakes when writing to you. I'm sorry.)

Gender: Male
Country: Canada