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Picking on one of Millies puppys
Chad Lion
941 Views · 7 months ago

Just being rought and mean to one rathere over infltaed Puppy that Millie left behind.

wounder what will happen next ? see this early, and future videios TODAY! just by suporting me on patreon.

Rought wolf ride B role
Chad Lion
1,369 Views · 9 months ago

Diffrent angle of the same rought wolf riding as the A video.

Want to suprort me and see vids earlier ?

Rought wolf ride A
Chad Lion
1,162 Views · 9 months ago

after patching up the old popped wolf, me and my boyfrined do some Rought riding on it, to test the repairs, it holds up well.

leave a comment if you want to see anything specific done with it.

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modded zebra rought ride 2
Chad Lion
653 Views · 12 months ago

some of you like just rought bounceing, so here you are,
me testing my modded toy.

Drake frott in onsie
Chad Lion
634 Views · 12 months ago

just a some forplay with my cute Drake Dragon.

want to see something specificly with this toy ?

go here suport me, and tell me what you want to see :3

modded zebra quick bounce test 1
Chad Lion
458 Views · 1 year ago

so with the kind and genriouse donaiton of people over at ⁣

ive been able to buy parts to modd a zebra myself, all home made.

comment what you think of it.

wold rought riding
Chad Lion
1,302 Views · 1 year ago

just a fiarly SFW wolf ride, i blew it up as tight as i could. to see if it could hold me up, it couldent so i just humped it hard and rought!

im un sure how badly i should treat this wolf,
i guse ill go ask my patrones over at ⁣⁣

I allso read all the comments you leave on my vids, so that wroks as well if you dont have the money. ^^

Wolf inflation
Chad Lion
578 Views · 1 year ago

so lets be hnoest this is not my main area of expertise,

i kind of feel like i have failed to make a good infltaion video. but i tried,

hope you like it.

i will probably do more classicaly me things to this wolf, later on ;3

⁣oh whats this ? ⁣

old rare infltable flaot, SFW stomp
Chad Lion
397 Views · 1 year ago

The SFW stomping and grinding my feet into this cute old toy.

why not click this seemingly random link ?

old rare infltable flaot, infltaion.
Chad Lion
179 Views · 1 year ago

just got this old rare infltable float.
hope its ok ~

if you want to see what happens to it next. or have a say in what happens to it, click this link now.

rought bounceing on a partly popped snep
Chad Lion
1,641 Views · 1 year ago

just checking for leaks mid way thought popping all the parts of the snep. and giveing it a little testing bounces ;3

Marking the snep for popping
Chad Lion
663 Views · 2 years ago

Just writing "pop me!" on the snep, before i start poking and popping the cute toy.

Vintage dolphin writing
Chad Lion
584 Views · 2 years ago

Marking this vintage 2000s intex dolphin.

drawinging and writing mean things on it, ready for a freind to "take care" of it. >;3

it ends up pritty ruined....
but it still holds air for the moment. well till my firned gets his claws into it. but im not sure if ill be able to share those vids ~

Marking the wolf
Chad Lion
805 Views · 2 years ago

makking the wolf for popping,
ive allreayd popped the wolf on my pateron,
ill upload it here in a few weeks time ^^

pink wolf feet rub
Chad Lion
841 Views · 2 years ago

just teaseing the pink wolf with bare feet.
this was a requested thing to see.

I've started a patreon page, and only fans, to help pay for my inftlabes. you will get my vides erlier and be helping me buy nice toys to play with.

ill still post everything on here after its been on patreon / only fans.

just trying it out. let me know what you think, i will read your comments.

modded Fya (belly ride and side ride)
Chad Lion
785 Views · 2 years ago

just more rought ridign of this modded Fya,
riding her on her side this time, and belly

modded Fya ( foot head stomp ) [gay socks eddition]
Chad Lion
416 Views · 2 years ago

i stomp and grind my feet into my modded infltable Fya's head and face. teasing her and massarging my feet on her face. in rainbow socks :P

modded Fya (SPH vue riding)
Chad Lion
1,073 Views · 2 years ago

making her show off her SPH i ride her rought and a little carelessly to give you all a good vue of her tight SPH flexing and showing off. >;3

modded Fya (second ride)
Chad Lion
217 Views · 2 years ago

just anothere rought riding vid,

modded Fya (first ride)
Chad Lion
393 Views · 2 years ago

first of many rought rides on this modded Fya

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