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❤️ Mlp and Green balloon fun ❤️
Dave Balloonfucker
442 Views · 2 months ago

"sprinkles hold my balloon darling " 0_o while i cum over it ... o_0 a snippet of whats next

❤️ RED 18' Balloon cumplay then deflate ❤️
Dave Balloonfucker
532 Views · 2 months ago

I enjoy this balloon for a third time and blow it huge and blow a load on it and play and deflate

❤️ Red cum dripping balloon deflation ❤️
Dave Balloonfucker
408 Views · 2 months ago

I love a good balloon hump fuck and cum here we deflate the balloon as the cum drips down it after a good hard ride after playing and humping sprinkles in the earlier vid , the balloon is by guasslee

❤️ mlp quick hump and play ❤️ "sprinkles" ❤️
Dave Balloonfucker
662 Views · 2 months ago

my partners sprinkles is a great feeling inflatable i couldent resist a quick hump before i wanted a nice big red balloon featured in my next vid , i had stretched in my jaccuzi, the last time i played with sprinkles i split the arm seam and had to make a hasty repair ....and i got away with it ❤️

Cummed on orange balloon deflation
Dave Balloonfucker
490 Views · 2 months ago

watch the cum drip down this freshly cummed on orange balloon and then i deflate it ❤️

Dave Balloonfucker
575 Views · 2 months ago

wouldent pop on me after a good hard ride and hump so with this whale we go again , maybe i should pierce it and shove cock in on the pump for that vid ...... mmm

❤️ The blue Balloon ❤️
Dave Balloonfucker
391 Views · 2 months ago

i love the colour of this balloon looks great in the morning sun just before i jump into the jaccuzi im going do cum art with it for the next video with the blue balloon

Dave Balloonfucker
630 Views · 3 months ago

i thought i would stretch this big red balloon to make another vid later out of the jaccuzi so here i ride and fill it and bounce was great fun i love a BIG RED BALLOON ❤️

Dave Balloonfucker
1,092 Views · 3 months ago

I havent got out my favorite orca for years i used to burst huge balloons on this inflatable for a different channel an age ago ...... well the orca makes a return and i get horny as hell riding it ❤️ the next video i do with him will turn it into a sperm whale for sure lol , dont forget to leave a comment if you want see the orca in future vids your suggestions may just make it in the production ❤️

❤️HUMPING NEW WHALE❤️ and sprinkles too
Dave Balloonfucker
587 Views · 3 months ago

lets inflate the new whale tight and see if it can take a good humping .... but sprinkles gets in on the action as well , the new toy feels great and gets a workout. next vid we have an intex whale to inflate for first tine in ages since i fucked it on a beach in spain

❤️NEW INFATABLE WHALE❤️ Unbox ❤️ Inflate ❤️ Ride ❤️Deflate ❤️
Dave Balloonfucker
766 Views · 3 months ago

❤️TESTING OUT NEW WHALE❤️ Will this fit my JACCUZI better? lets unbox , inflate ,hump and ride , and deflate ❤️ And find out ❤️ watch out for new vids with this whale its got ne horny already 0_o

Blowing one of my 18 balloons for Zentron
Dave Balloonfucker
396 Views · 3 months ago

there you go zentron this is the balloon from previous video blown to up to the max ❤️

❤️FIXED IT❤️ Ready to fuck
Dave Balloonfucker
260 Views · 3 months ago

fixed the major leak on the tri seam at base of tail ❤️ and theres a very slight leak on a fin but hardly losses any air so next video its time to try it out and see if the whale takes a fk ......in the jaccuzi of course

❤️18 BLACK Balloon Hump & Cum up the wall❤️
Dave Balloonfucker
515 Views · 3 months ago

i bought a pack of 30 of these 18 inch balloons i got alot to hump and cum in all colours ,its early morning and i woke up horny so straight to the jaccuzi room for some fun to wake me up, i got another inflatable whale cumming today that hopefully fits in the jaccuzi better , my last whales poor tail got a hammering after a ride and a fucking❤️

❤️ Love EWE❤️ deflated and cleaned
Dave Balloonfucker
161 Views · 3 months ago

in the previous video we had a great time with this toy lubing it ups a must was very tight and a great long fuck now its time to pack this half time baaaagain away after cleaning and deflating ready for another vid❤️

❤️REPAIRED WHALE ❤️ ?  lets inflate it
Dave Balloonfucker
283 Views · 3 months ago

unfourtunatly we had a hissy whale and we tried a repair which was a first from me as i usually destruct broken toys but a fan wanted to see the whale again so i repaired it best i could and now were going inflate it and see if its fixed but ❤️sprinkles❤️ my mlp unicorn keeps trying to distract me......... naughty sprinkles

❤️love ewe❤️ Lubricating sheeps tight hole
Dave Balloonfucker
294 Views · 4 months ago

its time to play with our Baaaagain buy we got half price off amazon so i break out some lube ready for a test on one of these fun adult toys❤️ next vid we fuck it

NEW❤️ BAAAAA gain toy 50 per cent off !
Dave Balloonfucker
432 Views · 4 months ago

opening and first inflate to see what this love ewe is all about and testing out camera angle for when i fuck it , the hole seems very tight though you cant quite get two fingers in side by side so hope it dont pop straight away lol ❤️ video cumming soon

Atemping to fix the whales tri seam and patched a hole WILL IT WORK
Dave Balloonfucker
233 Views · 4 months ago

i have no knoledge of fixing vinyl toys and apologise for the filming i had use a phone and try to move the whale while filming my stands in jaccuzi room , i wouldent normaly attempt this but a fan didnt want me to pop this old whale must be 15 years old now lol but i only have an intex whale left and thats far to big to ride in my jaccuzi next video we inflate it and see if it holds air .... i hope so

OH NO ❤️HISSY WHALE !❤️ we need find the leak
Dave Balloonfucker
311 Views · 4 months ago

Only way to find that leak is to inflate whale and look in the water for air bubbles 0_0 so we find the tri seal join on the tails leaking , i usually pop leaky whales but its my last whale that fits my jaccuzi my intex whales far too big so after finding the leak we deflate the whale ready to try and fix the leaking tail as a viewer doesent want to see the whale go ....... can we fix it in the next video ?

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